4 months following a MAKO robotic assisted total knee replacement in September 2021:

I had reached the stage during Summer 2021 when I was in considerable pain with my knees, and I could only walk a very short distance. Having put surgery off over some years and after having had various minimal relief knee injections, I set about researching the medical options. The objective to find an experienced, well recommended surgeon. During my research, the name that kept appearing consistently was that of Professor Sanjiv Jari. It also became very apparent that a knee surgeon assisted by robotics achieved much better results. Mako robotics is of course Professor Jari’s speciality. Then one of my friends got in touch to say he had heard I was looking for a knee surgeon and he had no hesitation in recommending a Professor Jari who had replaced his knee some time ago with excellent results. The decision was made. After my first consultation with Professor Jari, I felt immediately relaxed and confident. It was very obvious that a great deal of skill, experience and care was available for what is after all a major procedure. Comprehensive examinations and scans followed, which again fully demonstrated the absolute professionalism and attention to detail demanded by Professor Jari to ensure entirely positive outcomes. The Hospital where my procedure was carried out was The Spire Manchester. The staff were all very efficient – helpful – and caring. It was also very apparent that without exception everyone had the greatest respect and admiration for Professor Jari and his skills as a surgeon. As a result of first-class surgery and the robotic assistance, my recovery has been extremely rapid. Within a few weeks my new knee works virtually as if it was a normal healthy knee.

Doug Dryden, Cheshire 

Following several other consultations re problems relating to my left knee following a fall, I was eventually referred to Prof Jari by a friend. He recommended an n-STRIDE (stem cell) injection, rather than a replacement knee in the first instance. This was carried out at Wilmslow hospital and took less than two hours to complete. The whole process was conducted in a professional and friendly manner and to date, the results have been encouraging.

I have no hesitation in recommending Prof Jari for this type of procedure and am grateful for his recommendation as an alternative to knee replacement at this time.

Peter Gregory, Ormskirk.

2 months following a MAKO robotic assisted total knee replacement:

I have been struggling with Osteoarthritis in my left knee for many years and finally decided to see a consultant to organise a knee replacement. Over the years I have had various injections to relieve the pain, but after a certain length of time, they no longer gave me the relief and therefore, the only option was to have knee surgery. I did quite a bit of research to find a top consultant and following this research, I decided to book an appointment with Professor Jari.

I arranged my appointment through Professor Jari’s secretary, Stephanie Snowball, who very kindly organised my appointment within a few days at the Alexandra Hospital consultancy Suite. Professor Jari arranged a CT scan whilst I was at the hospital and within few days, I had another appointment and the result was clear, I needed a full knee replacement operation. Professor Jari went through all my options and gave me all the information I needed to make a decision about all the different types of knee replacements available. Having considered all my options, I decided to go for what appears to be the best option available, which is the MAKO robotic assisted total Knee replacement. I was advised that this option is the most accurate, less intrusive, and potentially a quicker recovery time. The operation was carried out at the Spire Hospital in Manchester where they specialise in the MAKO Robotic Assisted Surgery.

On the day of my surgery, I checked into my room and before too long I was back from theatre and within a short recovery time was up and about walking with the aid of crutches. The following day, I was well enough to go home and therefore, only spent two days in hospital. I was told that most people can spend between 5-10 days in hospital following a standard knee replacement surgery. After four weeks I was driving as normal and no longer needed painkillers to relieve the pain. I have to be honest, the first four weeks can be difficult with managing your pain levels, especially at night when you are trying to get comfortable, but the time soon passes and I’m close to normal activity after just six weeks with just stiffness, rather than the pain I experienced during the first four weeks.

I have attended Spire for physiotherapy, which is an amazing set up with all the latest equipment to aid in your recovery. The physiotherapist performed various exercises on my knee, and one is to measure how far you can bend the knee. I was told that if I could bend my knee to 90 degrees after four weeks, that would be exceptional. My measurement was 105 degrees and after six weeks, it was 120 degrees. Therefore, I can say from experience, that the MAKO Robotic Assisted Surgery is certainly more accurate and less intrusive and does help with a quicker recovery time, I am delighted so far with my progress and can only speak highly of the manner in which Professor Jari set out the options and performed the surgery. I would also like to pay tribute to Stephanie, Professor Jari’s secretary who arranged my appointment and went through all the cost implications, along with booking me in to the hospital within a matter of a few weeks. Stephanie was a delight to deal with. In fact, all the nursing staff at the Spire Hospital, along with the physiotherapist, have been brilliant to deal with; I cannot speak highly enough about their care and attention.

If you are in need of a knee replacement, I would seriously consider the new MAKO Robotic Assisted Surgery performed by Professor Jari, and in my opinion, it is by far the best option when considering knee replacement surgery. I am delighted with my progress and especially the fact that the knee surgery has straightened my left leg, and I no longer have a bow leg in my left leg.

Stephen Ward, Lancashire

7 months following a total knee replacement:

I came to Professor Jari’s clinic with an arthritic knee having had the other knee replaced a year before. I was hoping to avoid a TKR, but following that consultation, it was obvious a full TKR was required. I appreciated the help, guidance, and clear explanation which I received (I’m a scientist, so I wanted to know a lot).

Knowing what’s involved is scary; but the professionalism of all the hospital staff from when I was admitted until I was out of the theatre meant I’d no particular concerns and the day went quickly.

Recovery is a long hard road, but from early on I realised there was no arthritic pain – just the new pain from the operation (which I knew would soon go away).

Post-op, I had some extra difficulties which might have been an infection or a clot – such things happen and there’s little way of telling who’ll get them. This meant that my first few weeks in recovery were very uncomfortable, but I never felt abandoned. I visited my local A&E department for a couple of ultrasounds and checks on my scar – in the end there was nothing terrible and the knee eventually decided to settle down. As the knee repairs, we feel all sorts of different transient pains – hot, sharp, tingling – but the good news is they represent healing and soon disappear.

Follow-up appointments have been short and reassuring and, in my case, full of success. I’m very pleased with both my new knees – the big difference is standing and walking, both key to a good quality of life. I’m back in the gym and building up strength and mobility.

Then if proof was needed of the success – I went to Scotland, Mull of Kintyre, to seek out family tree information and got lost along an overgrown path through ferns for about 100m and went scrambling across rocks at the seaside, remarkably all done without any problems from the knee.

John McKellar, Macclesfield.


My experience of the Manchester Spire Hospital and speaking to other friends of mine

who have recently had knee replacements, mine was far superior from entering to leaving the hospital.

I must say, on arriving at Manchester Spire Hospital that Friday morning 7.00am, I was feeling a little nervous, and upon meeting Professor Jari, he immediately put my mind to rest and made me feel very comfortable about the operation. I never felt a thing or heard anything.

The next morning, Professor Jari came see me and explained that the operation was very successful and that he had done his work and the rest was up to me, which made feel very comfortable about the whole situation.

All the staff at the hospital from entering, having the operation and to leaving, the hospital was excellent.

Two weeks after leaving the hospital, I went for physio treatment for several weeks in which they me gave cards showing diagrams of exercises to practice, and eventually when they satisfied with my progress, they discharged me.

I am now carrying on with my exercises and using an exercise bike, and I am now a stage where I can walk about three miles at a time, not every day.

At times I feel I am not progressing fast enough, perhaps I am being too hard on myself.

Seeing Professor Jari on my last visit to the hospital in October, he was very satisfied with my progress and discharged me and if I have any problems, to get in touch with him.

I must point out that I am dinghy racing sailor in two types of sailing dinghies i.e a single hander dinghy and a two-handed dinghy. I find that I am very unsteady on my feet in my two-handed dinghy when weather gets a bit too windy, but I will get there eventually.

In the photos below, you can find me sailing on the National 12 dinghy called “Bakewell Tart”.

Brian Herring, Cheshire.

I cannot thank and recommend Prof Jari enough! Having suffered chronic knee pain for over 2 years and spending most of this time under another consultant who was unsure and unable to diagnose the exact nature and cause of the complaint, I was relieved and equally amazed to be pain free within 5 months of my first visit to see Professor Jari. In fact, it took only 2 consultations (plus scans) to identify that I had a patella tendon problem, put in place the treatment plan, and have the procedure that has improved my life dramatically. As a father of 2 young and active daughters, I’m not the only one pleased that I am once again able to go about life completely pain free. If you have a knee problem then don’t hesitate, from my personal experience, you will not regret seeking help from Professor Jari.

Andy Kay, Rochdale.

Fantastic service from the lovely stephanie who is a credit to prof Jari, nothing is too much trouble, professional service with fantastic patient liaison – if I could give more stars I would to her .

Fallon Kelly

Total Knee Replacement at The Spire Hospital Manchester April 2021

Pre-op diagnosis and care:-

Reassuring and informative regarding management of a severely arthritic knee. Professor Jari and his team gave excellent personal, specific instructions and advice about expectations of surgery and preparations during the pandemic.


Covid secure procedure on admittance made me feel comfortable and confident. Extremely attentive staff in all aspects before, during and after surgery.

Due to a pre-existing medical condition, the anaesthetic used was tailored specifically and administered by a highly professional team, totally considerate and reassuring throughout.

Hospital post-op care:-

Thoroughly professional and pre-emptive social, medical and physio care.

After a 2-night stay, I left the ward having seen a physio 3 times and was provided with a list of the exercises to do at home.

Onward care:-

Fortnightly physio and home-based exercises helped the knee go from strength to strength. After 12 weeks, a few holes on the golf course were possible. As I’d been using a buggy until surgery, it was a thrill to walk the course and win a competition after a few more weeks.

A big thanks to Professor Jari and his highly professional team at The Spire Manchester. A drink is waiting for you all at the 19th hole!

J. Barnes,

Manchester UK.

Professor Jari is without a doubt the best knee consultant I have worked with, and I continue to recommend his services to all our patients needing surgical intervention.

Kristin Wika Paulsen, Clinic Director, Bode Clinic

I had severe knee pain for over 4 years before I saw Professor Jari. Whilst I had seen others in the past each time, I had been told to lose weight before any treatment would be considered. I was recommended Professor Jari by my mother after her knee replacement surgery had been carried out by him.

As soon as the first consultation started, I knew that this time was different. Here was a surgeon who treated each patient as a whole person and not just another case. He listened carefully, acknowledging both my pain and its impact on my life, but also the difficulty this created for me losing weight.

Since that first consultation, the Professor Jari has guided me through successive treatments, all giving me extra pain-free months before finally suggesting a total knee replacement using the Mako Robot.

This procedure was undertaken in February this year and considering the trying circumstances and the loneliness of being in hospital with no visitors (due to covid restrictions), the care and support provided by Professor Jari and his team were second to none. Everything was explained to me carefully, from the pre-op tests through to the post-op support and regime. I knew what was happening when and why and any fears were allayed by the care given.

I am now 3 months post-surgery, and everyone can see the difference in me. My leg is now straight for the first time in years, I am free from both pain and medication all thanks to one person willing to listen.

Professor Jari is not only an excellent surgeon, but he is also a remarkable person who listens and provides you with confidence when you are stepping onto your agreed treatment path. I would recommend him to anyone who has knee problems, especially those who may be worried about any potential treatment. He will listen and guide you with care and skill.

Jacqui Gill, Bolton.

I am extremely happy with my recent knee surgery (knee arthroscopy) by Professor Jari at the Alexandra Hospital. After having the same procedure 20 years ago on my left knee and knowing what was coming with the recovery involved and the hard work ahead, I was a little apprehensive over having my right knee done! I was in a lot of discomfort, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had struggled for almost 12 months waiting for my operation. The operation has been such a huge success and I have been amazed at the speed of my recover. I’ve had honest explanations from Professor Jari of what to expect over what my capabilities will be in the future and advice of how to get the best out of knees that have needed operations. I am already back in the gym, under strict guidelines, not pushing too hard too quickly and I am enjoying being active again with no pain, and with no need to stop. I have a good understanding of my limitations.

I can’t thank Professor Jari enough, and the Alexandra Hospital as a whole during these difficult times. My stay was such a positive experience, not a usual response for a hospital stay, and given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’d let to say a big thank you to you both, Professor Jari and the Alexandra Hospital.

Andrew Thomas, Cheshire

Dear Professor Jari

RE n-STRIDE APS treatment – 27th March 2021

I thought it would be simpler to email you this update on my progress since having the treatment about a month ago.

In brief:

  • I am pleased to report that my knee is no longer as painful as it was before treatment.
  • I have virtually complete articulation – I can now get out of my car without experiencing pain and stiffness and, without, being too trivial, I can now get my socks on without having to bend too much as I can now bend my knee.
  • I can now go up and down stairs normally.

Unfortunately, some of the benefits of the treatment are eclipsed ,on occasions, by sciatic pain that I suffer, and have suffered for some considerable time, down my right leg. My osteopath is providing on-going treatment for this and, thanks to regular visits to his clinic, the issue is far less irritating.

If I had to provide a “Satisfaction Percentage” for the treatment, I would give the overall improvement as 90%.

Yours sincerely

Geoff Taylor

Just over 9 weeks ago I had a Mako Total Knee replacement performed by Professor Jari and I cannot thank him enough for making a major procedure a positive experience. After suffering problems for over 7 years, I am now walking with a normal gait and am mainly pain free, just the odd niggle as part of the rehab process. I am walking 2 miles without any aids, cycling for 25 minutes on the indoor bike, and returned to Pilates 2 weeks ago (via zoom in the current lockdown), although avoiding kneeling exercises that take the weight on the operated knee. Professor Jari explained thoroughly about the operation, post-op care, rehab and answered all my queries clearly during the consultation process. The operation went smoothly, and I was home after 2 nights, moving around on crutches, with minimal pain. As I continue my rehab, with physio help, I am confident that I will be back cycling outdoors, walking in the Lake District, and playing walking rugby before too long. I would not hesitate to recommend Professor Jari for a Mako Total Knee replacement or any other knee surgery, having had minor procedures performed by him in the past. A thank you to Jen also for her help and cheery phone calls. Thank you also to all staff at the Spire Hospital Manchester.

Once again thank you and if you need a Knee specialist, I would recommend Professor Jari for first class care and expertise.

Jan 2021

Kim Rothwell

My personal measure of achievement is that – within two or three weeks of the injection – I was again able to walk without a stick.

This testimonial was kindly provided for the n-Stride stem cell treatment received for the treatment of painful Knee arthritis.

Mr S Bracewell, Didsbury


Following my first total knee replacement in 2019 by Professor Jari I was so impressed with the result that I had my other knee joint replaced early in 2020. The improvement in my gait is tremendous.
Just three months on from my last operation the positive effect is profound allowing me to walk pain free and to practice yoga every day.

I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari to anyone who is needing a total knee replacement.

All the best

Richard Brimley

I am writing to thank you for the care I received for my knee with regard to my nSTRIDE injection. My final appointment with you was at the end of June 2019. It is now mid-November and I have returned to playing tennis socially, swimming and using the gym. I no longer hobble downstairs and find playing with my grandchildren much more comfortable.

I have the utmost trust in your knowledge and professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone suffering with a similar condition.

Many thanks for your kind service and best regards,

Kathryn Sutherland

Dateline Friday 9th December 2016, The Spire Hospital, Manchester, under the care of Professor Jari and his staff. In for 7 am out at 2 pm Sunday 11th December 2016.

During my stay, my right knee was replaced as agreed. After the operation, I came round to the care of the wonderful staff who medicated me as instructed. I had a knee bending machine (probably got a proper name) in the bed, pressure cuffs on my calves and a routine of exercises as provided by attentive physio staff. The same day I was up on my leg on a frame and the following day, tackled the stairs on crutches.

Prof. Jari came to see me to assure that all had gone as intended. Nursing staff were excellent in manner and care and during my stay, I elicited from them that Prof. Jari’s patients usually recovered more quickly and exited hospital more quickly than others. I know that Prof. Jari is an expert, this is the second time for me in his care.

He is straightforward in his manner, explaining things in detail and in my case patiently answering questions, he is realistic and obviously very experienced but moreover, he is a really nice bloke. I will not hesitate to recommend him to others. Only eight weeks on and back at the gym and in the pool getting stronger.

Thanks, I mean it.

Bob Berrington, 61 yrs

On May 28 I had knee arthroscopic surgery at the Alexander hospital in Cheadle, by Professor Jari. When I went for my appointment with him he explained everything to me and what to expect, I found him to be a caring, and understanding person,

And with my physiotherapy following the procedure, I can now do the things I enjoy.

I cannot thank Professor Jari. enough for what he has done. I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari. and the healthcare and physiotherapy team at Alexander Hospital.

to anyone who is experiencing problems with their knees and should I ever need knee surgery again he would be the consultant I would want to go to.

Mrs Maggie Conway

Small words, thank you, big difference to my life and wellbeing, thank you

Elaine Okoro

Underwent a total knee replacement in August of 2017

Wonderful to be playing golf again only four weeks after my arthroscopy. Almost back to normal having followed all the advice regarding physio, exercise, ice etc. I have complete confidence in Professor Jari and the team of professionals looking after me and know I can get support at any stage if I need it

Mrs Angie Shaw-Davidson

I am extremely happy with my recent knee surgery (knee arthroscopy) by Professor Jari at the Alexander Hospital in Cheadle. I was in a lot of discomforts before my operation and amazed at the speed of my recovery. I am already back in the gym, under strict supervision, and enjoying my active life again.

I can’t thank you enough, my stay was such a positive experience, not a usual response to a hospital stay.

Many thanks again

Professor Jari performed my ACL reconstruction in August of 2017. I am about to begin my 2nd season of rugby since my surgery.

From last October I played 70-80 minutes of nearly every game (other little knocks depending). I worked my way up from 4th XV to 2nd XV by the end of the season. In addition to this I have also climbed Ben Nevis, Helvellyn and walked Hadrian’s Wall.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could pass this message of thanks on to Professor Jari.

Zac Hill (ACL reconstruction, August 2017)

I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari and the healthcare and physiotherapy team at Spire Manchester Hospital.

Professor Jari performed a signature knee replacement on my left knee in February 2018. The operation was very successful and my recovery has been incredible. As an added bonus, Professor Jari re-aligned my lower left leg during the operation which had been at an angle of 22 degrees. I have gained 2cm and now walk tall and straight!

As Professor Jari will tell you, it is extremely important that you don’t destroy all his good work and that you must follow the physiotherapy recommended by the staff there. I can honestly say that I did this and the results were incredible.

The best compliment I can give is that after months and years of pain and walking strangely I am now pain free and have even taken up golf which I am enjoying tremendously.

To say that Professor Jari changed my life is an understatement. I felt so emotional meeting him at the 6 weeks review and thanking him for everything that he had done for me. Even then he was modest enough to say that I played my part but without him there would have been no part to play.

I have just had my 6 month review with Professor Jari and we are both very impressed with the progress so he has now signed me off. If I ever need my right knee replaced, I will have no hesitation in returning to the care of Professor Jari. He is easy to communicate with, very professional and clearly a dedicated and skilful surgeon.

Mr TJ Warrington

At the end of January this year I had a knee replacement operation at the Alexandra Hospital, performed by Professor Jari. the care and treatment I received from Professor Jari and the staff at the Alexandra Hospital was second to none. the follow up care by Professor Jari was excellent and I am extremely happy with the result and I would have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari to anyone who needed similar treatment to myself.
Patricia R Jones

After many years of progressive knee pain due to arthritis and wear and tear I was referred to see Professor Jari (The knee doc) at the Spire hospital Didsbury.

After several consultations he gave me several options to consider the outcome was that I needed a total knee replacement.

Never having had surgery and approaching 70 years of age I was understandably nervous.

Professor Jari took the time to fully explain the procedure from start to finish alleviating any worries I had.

On the day of the operation I was told I was going to have a Spinal block,

once again all procedures were clearly explained to me.

On waking from the operation my care could not have been better with everything arranged to aid my recovery.

The whole team were excellent as was Liz in physiotherapy .

I would like to thank Professor Jari for his skill and professionalism and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing knee surgery.

Special thanks to Claire the practice manager who went above and beyond to help and make sure everything went perfect for me.

Kind regards.

Ruth Elliott

Would I have another knee replacement if one was necessary, in a heartbeat, and I would want Professor Jari to do it.

The thought of a stay in hospital made me a little anxious, but the experience was fine, as I was guided and informed every step of the way, clearly and pleasantly.

when I saw Professor Jari at my final clinic appointment, he asked me how I was feeling, my reply was “fantastic”.

I can’t think him enough for his expertise, he’s a great surgeon.

Thank you so much,

Glenis Dronsfield

After many months of physio, I self-referred to the Knee Doctor. An initial appointment was received within weeks and scans & x-rays followed. Once Professor Jari had a plan to put to me. After suffering from knee issues for 25 years post-rugby I opted for surgery. The whole process was very smooth and I was in the Manchester Spire hospital day surgery within weeks.

I am now four weeks post-surgery and nearly mended fully. I am pain-free and back in the gym; something I haven’t done in a while.

I have seen Professor Jari over the years for the management of various knee problems as I have continued to play 11 aside amateur football into my mid 40’s. December 2018 he repaired my cartilage and gave my left knee a ‘clean up’ as this knee had previous ACL reconstruction. 12 weeks post operation I was back in training and played competitively inside 4 months for Styal Football Club in the Mid Cheshire football league.

As part of the process, he recommended injection therapy using Hyaluronic Acid which was explained as helpful for the early stages of arthritis under the knee cap. I had 5 painless injections and my mobility and strength feel significantly improved. I have noticed the ability to squat and lunge far better than before as my overall my range of movement feels improved and the knee feels as good as I have felt.

Whilst noting it is likely time to start slowing down from competitive sport to avoid issues in my 50s, Professor Jari appreciated this remains an important part of my life and prescribed an appropriate course of action that I have been delighted with. As ever Claire has been supportive and provided impeccable care. I intend to have further injections in my other knee to help mobility there too as part of my build up for a masters football competition in Mexico this summer.

Thank you, Professor Jari and team, and for anyone looking for a Knee specialist I would highly recommend seeing The Knee Doc!

Laurence Newman

Following a Total Knee Replacement with Professor Jari we had discussed that my knee would take time to heal as it had with previous surgery on that knee. However timely intervention and expert advice given by Professor Jari, I have finally begun to feel the benefits of a Total Knee Replacement. I am now developing strength in my leg and no longer walk with a limp which is fantastic.

It has not been easy, even difficult at times and has taken several months. Throughout that time, I have continued physio exercises and medicated as necessary. With advice from Professor Jari and his team I have learnt to take a step back to go forward and as a result of that I am now making progress and have now resumed sports such as cycling and swimming and continue to make progress and improve my fitness.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Professor Jarfi for his excellent surgical skills, guiding me and making appropriate clinical decisions based on our consultations, his patience and wise words. Also, I would like to say thanks to the surgical team and a special thanks particularly to Claire at Knee Doc who has been amazing, so helpful and makes so much happen. I would also like to say a special thanks to Ste at Wolves Physio, for sharing his clinical skills and expertise.

Once again, I would like to say thank you and would have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari and his team.

T Gandy

My first meeting with Professor Jari was very clinical and at times I thought he was trying to talk me out of the procedure. In fact he was going through, in some detail, all the aspects that need to be considered before committing to surgery, which I really appreciated. It turned out that I needed a total knee replacement and once I decided to go ahead the whole process was very easy and when I had some admin issues with my insurer, Claire Lawrence was on hand to smooth out the problem and keep the process flowing. Claire was also very helpful in managing the appointments with the various hospital departments.

The operation itself went very smoothly, from the introduction to the Anaesthetist, to waking up in recovery, it proved to be relatively stress free.

It’s been eight weeks since the operation now and my knee is getting stronger and more flexible every day, ably assisted by a really good physio which Claire recommended. I did a 4 mile walk yesterday and attend the gym regularly and can see the difference because I have, for the first time in a very long time, had no pain.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari and his team who certainly provided me with a first class, five star service.


Very pleased with full replacement right knee. Now able to walk and play golf without severe pain and stiffness. My quality of life is so much improved thanks to the excellent care and attention provided by professor Jari’s whole team. I would not hesitate to recommend Professor Jari and the Spire Hospital.

Sue Taylor

18 months after surgery I am about to finish another skiing holiday. I am about to complete my 32 days of skiing for this season. Please express my great thanks for my improvement in quality of life as a result of the more than successful operation.

In August 2018 I had a total knee replacement performed by Professor Sanjiv Jari at the Alexandra hospital. Six months on I have excellent movement in my replaced left knee and I am able to walk a couple of miles with no problem.

I would like to thank Professor Jari and his team for a very successful operation.

Doreen McGowan

I decided to go for a knee replacement with Professor Jari in February 2018, as I’m only 60 this was a big decision to make. I had a full knee and patella replacement and a lateral release of the ligaments to hopefully stop the new patella being pulled out of place, the knee operation all went very well. Professor Jari was excellent both with the operation and throughout my post op recovery period. He saw me regularly, arranged extra physio and advised me how to continue on the road to recovery. Then after about 6 months everything took an amazing turn for the better. My new knee is now fantastic and as a result of being so much stronger has also taken pressure off my left knee so that is also now much improved. I am back to mountaineering, cycling and swimming and I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve been for years.Prof Jari and all his team was excellent and it has been very, very well worth undergoing this knee replacement.

Regarding my recent surgery for a part knee replacement done by Professor Jari using the Mako-robot, the overall experience has been first class from the diagnostic to the treatment pre-op and more importantly post-op. The arrangement of bookings for x-rays, scans to consultations has been excellent.

The staff have gone beyond their duty to make me feel totally at ease with everything from choosing which Hospital to making appointments and choosing my physio. Especially Claire the practice manager who went above and beyond in helping me with regards my Insurance questions and any worries/concerns that I may have had.

It has now been 8 weeks since my operation and I wish I would have had it done sooner because there is no longer anymore pain in my left knee, I feel like a completely different person now and look forward to getting back to my regular hobbies that I couldn’t do because of the pain I was in. Here’s to happy golfing/swimming/cycling.

I would certainly recommend Professor Jari (Thekneedoc) for whatever treatment that you may require.

Many thanks for everything

Dave McGuirk

One year on from ACL surgery we would like to thank Professor Jari and his team for the ACL surgery he performed on our daughter Hannah. Hannah sustained a knee injury at the end of her first year of a dance degree and as you can imagine she was extremely concerned that it would affect her future career path but with the expert ACL surgery performed by Professor Jari along with the rehabilitation programme Hannah has been able to continue with her dancing and is now in her final year. We would also like to thank Claire the Practice Manager for all her support and reassurance throughout. Hannah and ourselves would not hesitate to recommend Professor Jari and his team.
Parents of Hannah Greenwood

I found his advice invaluable at the time and despite putting off surgery the advice he gave was useful but more importantly, it was the personal touch that left its mark on me. Mr. Jari discussed at length my options, he gave me his advice and views on how he saw my predicament but even more importantly he listened in full to my own views about how I saw my knee problems. I realised just what a quality person he really is when I arrived at hospital, each and every member of staff was great, friendly, supportive and couldn’t do enough especially when it came to soothing the nerves pre-op. In theater, the staff were brilliant keeping you talking, involved and supporting you. The immediate aftercare was superb, coffee and toast, everyone helpful in fact they couldn’t do enough for me. At my follow up appointment, Mr. Jari was again brilliant. His observations and advice were taken on board and yet again his sole focus was the patient, me, which I found unreal. I am pain-free and I know that at some point in the future I will require a knee replacement and as long as he is still around he is the person who I know I can trust to do it right. So, many, many, thanks you are a gentleman and your staff are a credit. I hope that I don’t see you again but if I do I know that my knee will be safe in your hands.
Mr Warren Gibson

Amazing! Incredulous! Miraculous! These are just a few of my friends and family comments following the n-STRIDE procedure on my knee. Thank-you so much for changing my life and for doing it with such efficiency and care. It is hard to believe that just 4 weeks ago I could hardly walk at all and that each step I took was with maximum pain. Almost immediately I got some benefit but it wasn’t until 3 1/2 weeks post, what I have to say is an amazingly simple procedure, did I notice just how much a difference it made when I realised I had just gone downstairs in a normal fashion, not the previous stilted version, and felt no pain at all.

Now 4 weeks on I feel I have a ‘normal’ knee. No pain and a full range of pain-free movement. So even though words could never be enough to tell you how grateful I am and how wonderful the n-STRIDE procedure is. THANK YOU.

Carey Weinberg

My initial consultation with Professor Jari was at the Alexandra Hospital in August of 2016 for a full replacement knee.  He explained the procedure to me from start to finish and from this point, I had my full trust and confidence in him. I am 74 years old and I have diabetes, which led to several delays and cancellations however the operation was done in August of 2018. I went in on a Friday morning and I was back home again the following Monday. There were no problems and everything went smoothly. The standard of care shown by all the staff at the Alexandra Hospital was excellent and I continue to have physiotherapy there. I was able to walk without crutches at 9 weeks, there is still some slight swelling and restricted movement within the knee, but I expect this to go soon. I would, without hesitation, recommend Professor Jari to anyone who is considering a knee operation.  I would also like to specially thank the physiotherapy team at the Alexandra Hospital and thank you to Claire, the practice manager, for all her help

Mr Brian Hudson

Professor Jari fitted me with a new knee in early April this year. The Hospital I opted for was the Alexandre at Cheadle and I have nothing but praise for the standard of care shown by all the team there. They were so caring and understanding, so much so that I wrote to the Hospital’s Director singing their praises generally and highlighting 4 members of staff who were “stars amongst stars”. Equally, I have nothing but praise for Professor Jari. I have total respect and appreciation for the professional way he has handled everything from the original consultation all the way through to the post-operative consultations.

At 4 weeks I was able to cope with 1 crutch rather than 2 and at the same time to start walking around my home without any crutch at all. At the 6 week stage I was able to pick up static cycling and using the cross-trainer in the gym at pre-operation intensity. I am now at the 8 week stage and am starting to get out in the open air without any crutches and gradually extending the distance walked. My knee is settling down well and the post-operative pain and swelling I expected was I believe kept to a minimum because of how professionally the operation was carried out.

Professor Jari was objective in his opinions and gave me all the information I needed to reach a decision that I felt was right for me.

To summarise, based on my experience I have zero hesitation in recommending Professor Jari to anyone who is considering a new knee. He is excellent. (April 2018)

I had a knee replacement carried out by Professor Jari in November last year. Previously I had been in crippling pain even though I had had an arthroscopy which proved to be unsuccessful. It was decided that the best solution would be a knee replacement. The result has been life-changing. During my initial appointment, Professor Jari fully explained the process and sequence of events. The treatment and care provided at the Spire was excellent.

Professor Jari was reassuring throughout and filled me with confidence that I could progress by following his advice on exercise and rehabilitation. I am now fully active and have resumed work and am looking forward to the future.

Thanks to Professor Jari and all the staff at the Spire

I attended the Spire Manchester on Friday the 9th March for a total knee replacement procedure by Prof’ Jari.  I arrived at 7am and left on Monday afternoon the 12th March.

From start to finish I can’t speak highly enough of all the staff involved from, reception, to admission on the ward / room.  The catering staff, cleaners, nurses, physio’s etc were all very kind, pleasant and accommodating.  The physio’s and nursing staff were excellent, very professional and efficient.

Prof Jari performed a sterling job on my knee as well.  I am just nine weeks into recovery and all is going really well.  After just two weeks my physio said the knee mobility was far better than she would expect.  I was off the stronger pain relief within two weeks, without the relief the pain was minimal, I’d say there was more discomfort than pain. The   range of movement continued to improve and I was able to drive again after just 3 weeks.  After eight weeks I was able to start using a static bike and do some swimming.  I could walk unaided at eight weeks although with a bit of a limp as the minimal swelling still causes discomfort and restricts the full movement.

The scaring is very neat and hardly visible.  I am now at 9 weeks and delighted with my progress.

I would like to inform you that I have recently had two knee replacements performed by Professor Jari. After many years of living in pain, I am delighted to report that I am now pain-free and totally satisfied with the fantastic treatment I received

Professor Jari was superb in his treatment and I would highly recommend him to anybody suffering from pain in their knee.

Mr I Modlin

After having two knee replacements over a period of two years (both knees) I can’t praise Professor Jari enough. After five years of walking with pain, I am now pain-free and enjoying life to the full again. His help and advice before and after the operations made the recovery period much easier. He has a very nice manner which puts you at ease on your first consultation. I now walk everywhere and play four rounds of golf every week. Thank you, Professor Jari, for giving me my life back.
Terence Ryan

I was introduced to Professor Jari via a friend who has had previous knee surgery carried out by Professor Jari. Professor Jari was extremely professional and reassuring during Consultations – detailing options available to me, i.e. injections, procedures, physiotherapy following procedure, together with anticipated recovery periods. Everything explained to me in great detail – that I could understand!

I would recommend Professor Jari to anyone who is experiencing problems with their knees – a caring, calming and understanding Consultant.

Debra Nickson

I was first referred to Prof. Jari by my health insurer (Bupa) with osteoarthritis in my big toe. As I am in my early 30’s, he recommended a course of treatment that he thought would benefit me most, allowing me to continue to be active, without going down the route of surgery.

My health insurer became very awkward at that point and said that as there was no plan to go down the route of having surgery, they would not cover me, as they saw it as a short-term fix. This annoyed me massively as I really don’t think they should be encouraging surgery when there are other, safer treatments. Prof. Jari wrote to Bupa on my behalf explain the reasons for his recommended treatment, but yet they refused to cover me. To cut a long story short, I brought Prof. Jari’s recommended treatment to my doctor, who agreed it was the best course of action, and referred me to Prof. Jari on the NHS.

I was seen by Prof. Jari in the weeks after this and had the treatment on my toe and I feel much better and am back to being just as active as I was previous to having the issue with my toe, which was the plan from the start, and all of this without having to have surgery. Throughout the whole process Prof. Jari, Claire and the team were extremely professional, friendly and welcoming. More importantly, they were knowledgeable and represented my impeccably when I was been asked medical questions by either my Doctor or my health insurer. I would most definitely return for further treatment if the need arose, and recommend them to friends or family.


I would like to thank Mr Jari for my knee operation before my operation my quality life was severely affected as I could not work very far as the pain was excruciating.  Since the operation was such a success I am now able to move with ease & carry on with my life as normal & I feel I have lost 20 years.

Having returned recently from my holiday I wanted to thank you for your skills and consideration.Thanks to the injection you administered during my appointment on 7 June I was able to enjoy walking again. The relief from the Baker’s cyst seemed miraculous, in fact the only pain I still experience in my knee is arthritic. I can only say you made an immeasurable difference to the enjoyment of my holiday.

You may not remember me, but about 6 years ago you performed an ACL reconstruction of my left knee when I was based in Manchester.

Anyway, I am in Guildford now and thought you might like to know that I am training for the London Marathon this year raising money for Christian Aid – in case it is of interest, I am running a blog and have given you a credit this week on account of it being the 6 year anniversary of the surgery.

I trust that all continues to go well for you – thank you again for your part in making this possible.

Richard Flenley

To Professor Jari and all your team in theatre, with grateful thanks for all your kindness shown to me during my recent knee operation.
Pamela Hallworth

I’d like to thank you for a successful treatment of my knee injury. I have now completely recovered and right now enjoying skiing again in Portillo, Chile (couldn’t wait till next winter…).

Lana Filippova

Mr Jari asked if I’d send him a photo of me climbing when I was in seeing him about my knee last week. This is on the summit of Cerro Torre in Patagonia with Fitzroy in the background.

Mr Dave Turnbull

6 months on I still get the odd ache which I expect. My recovery was very smooth with no real setbacks along the way and I think a massive part of this is professor Jari’s all-round approach. It was noticeable professor Jari had done a lot of extra work to research the quickest and safest way to return to sport and his knowledge was always re-assuring.

Thanks to Professor Jari and Jill the physio at the spire Manchester. (August 2016)

Richard Williams

During my stay, my right knee was replaced as agreed. After the operation, I came round to the care of the wonderful staff who medicated me as instructed. I had a knee bending machine (probably got a proper name) in the bed, pressure cuffs on my calves and a routine of exercises as provided by attentive physio staff. The same day I was up on my leg on a frame and the following day, tackled the stairs on crutches.

Prof. Jari came to see me to make sure all had gone as intended. Nursing staff were excellent in manner and care and during my stay, I elicited from them that Prof. Jari’s patients usually recovered more quickly and exited hospital more quickly than others. I know that Prof. Jari is an expert, this is the second time for me in his care.

He is straightforward in his manner, explaining things in detail and in my case patiently answering questions, he is realistic and obviously very experienced but moreover, he is a really nice bloke. I will not hesitate to recommend him to others. Only eight weeks on and back at the gym and in the pool getting stronger. Thanks, I mean it.

(December 2016)

Bob Berrington 61 yrs

It is now some 7 months since my full knee and kneecap replacement op.

Firstly I would like to say that from the first time I stood on my leg after the operation I was amazed at how quickly I recovered. After a few days I could weight-bear on it. Then the subsequent progress to walking on the leg. Even after a week I found myself forgetting my crutches.

I must say that I followed my exercise regime rigidly and I am sure that I gained great benefit from building up the muscle-tone in both my legs. Equally I believe that the care and attention to detail you showed in the surgery meant that my knee was disturbed minimally so there was as little soreness as there could possibly be. The mechanical cushion you had set up for me under my knee in bed which bent my leg whilst just lying there and the excellent physio and advice given to me regarding exercises have all contributed to my quick and sound recovery

My progress has continued and I went for my first walk, 1 Mile at 5 weeks after my op. I was staggered at my progress. From there I gradually worked my way up to 3 miles after 2 months, 4 miles – 4 months, 6 miles – 5 months. Since when I have stopped counting.

May give you my utmost thanks for the wonderful job which you did for me.

I am a 68 year old lady and underwent a total knee replacement as an NHS patient on 7th March 2018 under the care of Professor Jari. I found Professor Jari to be a very particular and exacting surgeon. I followed all of his advice and had no complications throughout the healing process. I did all the prescribed exercises and although they were hard at first, I persevered and they got easier. I recently realised that my knee was not painful for the first time since I was 17. I cannot thank Professor Jari enough and think he is fabulous.

I had suffered with pain in my left knee since a biking accident in 2015. I had injections in early 2016 this helped for about a week.
I recently had an arthroscopy and repair of a tendon by Prof. Jari. I cannot believe how this has given me my life back. I am a staff nurse working 12 hour shifts, this was agony before the surgery. Now I am back to my normal self, taking my grandchildren on long walks which they love on my days off. Prof. Jari is such a down to earth person. I felt very comfortable the first time I met him and knew that I was in good hands for my surgery.
I would recommend Prof. Jari to my family and friends with the knowledge that they are in great hands. (August 2016)
Juliana Edwards

Professor Jari had been recommended to me by a family friend who had bilateral knee replacements, with a marvellous outcome after suffering for many years.
On my first appointment Professor Jari explained knee replacement surgery to me in great detail. I decided that a knee replacement would be the best way forward for me. On a further appointment Professor Jari gave me his reassurance before signing the consent form. I am extremely delighted with the outcome of my surgery. The aftercare I found to be excellent. The physiotherapy team were very good and at one point mentioned that Professor Jari’s patients always do very well. I am extremely delighted with my replacement knee surgery. At follow-up appointments, I always found Professor Jari to be very professional, with a charming manner at all times.
Professor Jari’s team are so courteous and his Practice Manager, Claire is a very pleasant and helpful lady.
Carol Baison

footy_1 Prof Jari did such a good job on my personalised total knee replacement knee last August that I’m undertaking a 190 mile charity walk from Northumberland to Cheshire this July. I’m going on 14 mile practise sessions at present and able to carry on when others more experienced in ‘walking’ fall by the wayside.
Dave Spencer

I started agility work around the 13 week mark and return to full training on 17/07/16. 1 month of full contact training and a return to sport on 16/08/16. After Professor Jari’s advice to take my time returning back, I gradually built up my time on the pitch from 30 minutes with 2 games a week and played my first full 90 minutes in the first team on 10/09/16. (March 2016)
Right Ipsilateral Patella Tendon ACL Reconstruction

I was told by my local hospital  I needed a knee replacement. I came home and researched for a knee surgeon who I could have confidence in. I read about Professor Jari  and he accepted me as a patient. I am so glad he did. My treatment had been excellent at all times. I was in hospital for 2 days during which time I had excellent nursing. After that I went for physio sessions and was encouraged at all times. Already after only 7 weeks my knee is much less painful than before the operation and is improving each day. I would highly recommend  Professor Jari and if I ever need orthopaedic  treatment he will be my first choice. February 2016
Sandra Gill

After 4 weeks post op and being able to kneel professor Jari advised me to start strengthening every other day alternating between high rep low load and low rep heavier load with a particular focus on single leg strengthening so that I didn’t favour my left leg. I did this up to the 12 week mark. My acute sharp anterior knee pain over the patella tendon graft area had gone after approximately 9-10 weeks after keeping to the advised single leg strengthening programme. (October 2015)
Knee arthroscopy

I was always aware of the next Goal between each visit and knew what I needed to do myself. The benefits of understanding the importance of restoring full knee motion have been key to my recovery. 6 months on from my operation I still kneel every day and hyperextend my knee which gives instant relief following sport and managing swelling. From experience if you don’t do these 2 simple range of motion exercises on the majority of days aching and stiffness will become a major barrier in your recovery. (September 2015)

I would highly recommend Professor Jari if you require an ACL Reconstruction. From the first time I was diagnosed with an ACL rupture I was aware of the plan and what was required to ensure the best possible outcome. Many surgeons I’m aware of use the hamstring graft and combine any possible meniscal repair at the same time. However professor Jari’s preferred method is to prioritise any potential meniscal repair and to restore full range of motion in the knee before undergoing the ACL Reconstruction. His preferred method is using the patella tendon graft as the graft site from the patella tendon will regenerate to 100% whereas the hamstring tendon doesn’t. Although it took almost 7 months to have the ACL Reconstruction following my injury, I felt the preparation beforehand and professor Jari’s use of strict pre op parameters allowed a smoother rehabilitation and return to sport in just under 5.5 months post ACLR. (2 months of this was before I decided to see him, 4 weeks to go through the process of the MRI scan through my cash plan, 2 weeks to then get referred back to my GP for an NHS referral and fill in a cancellation slot for my arthroscopy, 6 weeks until my post arthroscopy review, a further 3 weeks to work towards getting the full knee bend I hadn’t quite achieved and then an 8 week wait until my ACL reconstruction). During this period I worked at strengthening and range of motion exercises regularly in the gym to prepare myself for the ACL reconstruction. (July 2015)
Ruptured ACL

I was having terrible pain in my left knee, I had an injection in it  but unfortunately it made no difference, then I had key hole surgery to no avail, I went to see Mr Jari at the Oaklands, a private hospital which took N.H.S patients what a beautiful place, the staff are lovely, I had an appointment to see Mr Jari he told me I needed a total knee replacement, I was shocked at first so that is what it had to be, I was only in hospital one night that was five months ago,the hospital staff were all very helpful,  I went back to see Mr Jari he said it was doing nicely, I am very pleased with my knee, no knee pain, it doesn’t happen over night, but I am getting there, I was told it could take up to twelve months to heal properly. I am really pleased with the treatment I received, Mr Jari was lovely, a really nice man. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.
Lesley Rawlinson

I recently had a Knee Arthroscopy performed by Prof. Jari. I have had 2 of these operations before, but this one was by far less painful, even though I left with crutches and painkillers the next day I did not need them. I was able to walk a couple of miles after 4 days, even the Physio commented how advanced I was. I can only complement Prof. Jari on his work.
Mark Rimmer

I would like to thank you for your recent attention to repair a complex meniscus tear.  From my initial consultation, through surgery and rehabilitation to my final visit to your clinic, I have been absolutely delighted with the professionalism, care and consideration shown by you and your team.At each stage, you provided clarity and realism which enabled me to make appropriate choices regarding my treatment.  The surgery itself proceeded exactly to plan with very little discomfort or inconvenience.  Incredibly, the first thing I noticed was the complete absence of the knee pain I had been suffering for almost two years. Within a couple of hours of surgery I was walking with the aid of crutches; within the space of a couple of days I had dispensed with crutches; after only one week I was driving and able to carry out routine day to day tasks without difficulty – not bad for a sixty three year old!  Two months on, I can describe the overall result in one word …… incredible! I’m now building up on the walking and expect to be fit to tackle the great outdoors again in Spring.

With kind regards and much appreciation of your skill and expertise. January 2015

Anne Knowles

footy_1 Hi my grandson Scott Wylie had his right knee rebuilt by Mr Jari on 8th February 2012 after cruciate ligament injury whilst playing football, Mr Jari requested a photograph when Scott had regained full fitness. Scott made his comeback at the start of the 2014 / 15 season where he scored 35 goals and helped his team win the league and cup. He says his knee is stronger than ever and he can’t thank Mr Jari enough for his expertise and his recovery advice which he kept to throughout. During his rehabilitation he was helped by a friend at a fitness centre which has led to him now being self employed as a personal trainer. As a grandparent can I add my personal thanks to Mr Jari it’s great to see my grandson back playing football. Scott is the player in green and sends his grateful thanks.
Steve Bayes

After recovering and getting the all clear for bowel cancer , I discovered I was still housebound  due to a torn knee cartilage.
I was unable to leave the house without family help as my knee would regularly lock and my regular swimming stopped along with any independence I had vanished.
A simple shopping trip couldn’t be done without my daughters assistance.
On  23rd July Professor Jari operated on my torn cartilage which was a huge success and after one week I was walking around without the use of a walking stick.
Within 6 weeks  now free of pain I am back swimming, actioning my daily walks and have gained my full independence back.
I am extremely grateful to Professor Jari who I call “my miracle man” and the caring attitude of all the staff at the Oaklands Hospital.
I have recommended Professor Jari to several  of my friends who are suffering with knee problems.

Thank you for giving me my Independence back.
A very grateful patient

Ann Frangleton

It was with some trepidation that I went for my first appointment with Professor Sanjiv Jari. I need not have worried.  Such a kind and courteous man, who spent a lot of time explaining what a knee replacement operation entailed.  On every further visit I received the same reassurance.  The operation went well and his wonderful CPM machine made all the difference to my recovery, (I had previously had a knee replacement operation 12 years ago).  His follow up visits were much appreciated and future check-up visits will, I am sure, be met by his charming and courteous manner.

His Practice Manager, Claire, was more than helpful and I think he is lucky to have her.

Denise Challen

backintrainingHaving played Judo, Roller Hockey and Rugby over the last 10 years with a recurring knee problem, persevering with the pain, and sometimes locking up, or even giving way we knew it was time to get it sorted out, Having Bupa family insurance and spoke to them about seeing a specialist in this field of surgery.

Professor Jari assessed my 15 year old son Luke, and from the MRI scan and hands on evaluation expertly diagnosed the problem with his knee, he needed an Arthroscopy for a torn Meniscus cartilage in November 2013 at the Bridgewater Hospital, and then a 2nd operation in April this year at the Oakland’s Hospital to reconstruct his ACL, I thought the worst this would be the end of his sporting activates, But the way Professor Jari explained everything about the operation and the problems with Luke only being 15 and still growing and the processes and with the right post-operative treatment, gave me and Luke the trust and confidence that a return to club rugby was possible, it’s so hard watching your team in a county final from the sidelines.

Three Months on he’s now is back in the Gym, pre season weight training with the team 3 times a week slowly getting back to full fitness, but looking good, no pain or problems, now working on his speed and agility and looking forward to playing full contact again in October 2014.

I have to express a big thanks to Professor Jari for his brilliant surgical skills, and Claire for arranging appointments etc, plus the care and support from both hospitals;
Many thanks again

Gary Wilson

Following severe pain in my foot , I went to see Professor  Jari  earlier this year. I found him sympathetic and caring with regard my problems , which were preventing me from being able to walk. He arranged a scan and X  rays and, as a result, gave a full diagnosis  and authorised treatment . I felt confident he was always doing his best to alleviate my painful condition. I would be very happy to see him again should the tendonitis and arthiritis  worsen again.
Melanie Charnley

I was referred to Professor Jari, unable to walk far due to constant pain.  After knee replacement surgery on both knees, I am able to enjoy walking again pain free.

Thank you

Lynda Downie

You can read the very many experiences, words of gratitude and best wishes on the website and if you are still undecided, then please read below and it might help you in making a decision.

Imagine at the age of 82 years waking up through the night and every morning to such intense knee pain that you can hardly get out of bed, function through the day and are unable to take part in activities with family and friends.   Quality of life is getting worse. You’ve had trips to the G.P., knowing it’s all linked to age and general wear and tear, you take anti-inflammatory tablets, have had cortisone injections and courses of physiotherapy. You think at the grand age of 82 that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and it’s ‘your lot’ to put up with the constant pain.

Then please, think again!

I did a little research and found ‘The Knee Doc’ and six months later, after Professor Jari performed a knee replacement, my Mother is fully recovered and mobile again, and it’s wonderful to see. We  cannot thank Claire, Prof. Jari’s Practice Manager, enough for explaining our options which led us to asking our G.P. to refer Mum to Prof. Jari as an NHS patient.  The G.P. acted swiftly and Claire organised a speedy consultation.

Prof. Jari was very attentive and thorough and put Mum totally at ease whilst fully explaining the cause of the pain and how orthopaedic surgery could help.  In January 2014 Prof. Jari performed surgery at The Spire Hospital. The staff were caring and considerate and with Mum’s determination and family assistance in maintaining her exercise programme, as well as the excellent physiotherapy after care she received, we are pleased to say that she has now made a full recovery.

As  a family we had complete trust and confidence in Prof. Jari’s approach to surgery and the assurances that, even at the tender age of 82, he could make a real difference to Mum’s life.  We cannot thank him and his team enough for their care and attention, before, during and after surgery.

Prof. Jari and Claire – “we thank you”.

Elsie, Jeff, Sue and ‘the family’

I  have a history of problems with my right knee following a lifetime of playing football, rugby , badminton, squash  and running marathons (one knee arthroscopy 1994 for a torn meniscus and a second in 1999 for damage caused by a mis-tracking patella)  . Since the second knee operation I have managed flair ups of pain and swelling by the usual methods, but in December 2013 I woke one morning in considerable pain following a game of squash the previous day. Over a few days this got worse such that I couldn’t walk properly. A visit to my GP followed and she agreed that I could have another torn meniscus. Waiting times for NHS treatment are about 4 months to consultation in my area (and then wait for a scan and a further wait for any operation ) and I was very keen to get help from an expert . Fortunately I have private health insurance through BUPA and I did some research and decided to visit Prof Jari. I very quickly got an appointment to see him and he diagnosed a torn meniscus to be confirmed by an MRI scan. I arranged this within a  few days and very helpfully, Claire , Prof Jari’s practice manager , was able to provisionally book me in for surgery if the scan suggested I needed it. The scan confirmed the diagnosis and I had surgery within a few weeks at Oaklands in Salford. Prof. Jari was very helpful in explaining what would happen pre-op and the hospital stay was excellent , in and out in a few hours.

Post –op pain management and care was fantastic with a good mix of drugs, physiotherapy and a cooling pressure cuff.

After my previous two arthroscopies I had significant bleeding, bruising  and swelling. This time my wife said she didn’t believe I had had  surgery because all I had were a few small incisions! The acute pain in my knee was gone and much of the continual aching I had learned to live with too – Prof Jari having sorted the tear out and smoothed out my cartilage. I will always have an arthritic knee but this operation allowed me to manage this from a good start and hopefully with exercise and good sense I will not need a knee replacement. If I do however , I will not hesitate to come back to Prof. Jari – he is a very easy person to deal with, very straightforward and good humoured but, most of all , he has  demonstrated the technical skill to sort my knee out which after all is what I wanted him to do !

The team around him are also excellent- BUPA were very easy to deal with and Claire was very efficient and helpful. All in all, as much as these things can be, it was a pleasant experience!

Professor George Baxter

Dear Claire , I am pleased to be able to contribute to the website . I saw Professor Jari in October 2013 . I had been suffering with knee pain which was tender to touch and restrictive during but mainly after exercise . Professor Jari examined me , explained what he thought it was and presented me with the options . I chose surgery . On Friday 7th March 2014 at The Spire hospital I had the surgery . Prior to the operation Professor Jari explained what he would have to do , the recovery period and the likely physiotherapy . After the operation I had no pain and within a few hours I was able to exercise the knee . I was given crutches , which I used for the next two days but by performing the directed exercises I was able to walk without them soon after . At my six week check up I was fully mobile with only residual swelling and able to exercise as before but without the pain or restriction . The Professor has a manner which made me feel comfortable and safe and I thank him and his team very much . I would not hesitate to recommend him to others and have already in fact done so to one of my golfing partners .
Bob Berrington

First let me say thank you for your letter.  Mr Jari, as I know him was wonderful. On my first meeting with him I found him to be very approachable and he made me feel so at ease, regarding the operation.  He explained everything to me and answered all my questions, even if some of them might have not been relevant to what I was having done.  On the day of my operation he came to make sure I was happy with what was going to be done.  After the operation, he was there again, checking that I had been made as comfortable as possible. At my six weeks check up he noticed I was walking a lot better and I can say that I am now doing things that I have not be able to do in the last 10 years.  I told Mr Jari he was my hero and I am looking forward to seeing him in July.  I must state that he gave me a print out of exactly what he had done during my operation.  I would just like to say thank you Mr Jari for your time and patience, it was really appreciated and I came away from the Oaklands Hospital very happy with the comments you had made. Good luck to you in the future and keep up your good work.
Jane Barlow

After suffering severe knee pain and mobility problems for several years I feel very fortunate to have had a consultation with Professor Jari.
From day one he showed great respect and understanding of my problem and his care was, without doubt, excellent.
I am pleased to say that after having a full knee replacement I am now enjoying a new lease of life.   In no time at all I was out of pain and walking without any aids.   I still do the exercises,  as advised, and I am absolutely delighted with my progress since having the operation.  I just wish I had consulted Professor Jari sooner.
So thank you Professor for giving the me a better quality of life.
Sylvia McDowell

In November last year I needed  surgery to repair a torn cartilage following a sporting injury. Since both my work and leisure involve being highly active it was vital that I find the best surgeon . My research led me to Mr Jari because everyone told me he was the best knee man around !!  I was not in any way disappointed .At my first consultation Mr Jari put me at ease totally and has left me with the tiniest of tiny scars following the procedure despite there being  plenty of wear and tear to sort out as well in my knee. Post operative I followed all his advice and that of his team and have returned to full range of movement and activity as before my injury. I would highly recommend Mr Jari to anyone requiring knee surgery
Gillian Spencer

Professor Sanjiv Jari operated on my knee in Sept.  I had already had one knee replacement some 10 years ago but the left knee was now so bad that walking was virtually impossible.  Since the operation in Sept. I am now walking  totally without pain, am cycling 4.5 kms every day and still doing the exercises twice a day.  It has given me a new lease of life and I couldn’t feel better. As far as I am concerned it is a miracle although Prof. Jari said it was my hard work that did it.  The feeling is mutual.  Many thanks Prof.
Jennifer Massey

I am so very happy with the outcome of the operation that Mr Jari performed. I was in so much pain in my right knee, caused by Arthritis.
I had my knee replacement in July, and I was up the next day, and on my way home by the third day. I was soon up and walking around with crutches, with no pain any more. Within days I was doing longer walks, and soon was without the crutches. I am now starting with Arthritis in the other knee and if it gets worse I will not hesitate to contact Mr Jari, to seek treatment. i will be recommending Mr Jari to anyone I know with knee problems. I am so thankful for the confidence and peace of mind he has given me, and I am pain free.
Deborah Barrett

As a 61 year old who has had a worsening knee condition for 7 years or more, with decreasing mobility, it was decided by myself and Professor Jari that a total knee joint replacement would be in my best interests.
All risks and what benefits I could reasonably expect from the replacement were explained and I was booked in at the Spire Hospital at Whalley Range for the procedure by Professor Jari.
The whole process, from start to finish was as promised, with not one problem encountered.  I was out of hospital and mobile in 3 days, albeit on crutches and now, 12 weeks on I am fully mobile with full flexibility and extension of the operated knee.  I can walk comfortably, with more improvement to come, as my strength builds.
This operation has given me a new lease of life and has far exceeded my expectations, with very little pain, improving my quality of life no end.
As echoed by my Physiotherapist, a very fine piece of work by Professor Jari. January 2014
Ian H McArthur

My name is Catherine and I’m 84 years of age.

On 15th December 2015 at The Oaklands Hospital Salford, Professor Jari performed surgery to replace my arthritic knee with a new tungsten joint. I had previously suffered for years with pain and had earlier had an arthroscopy on the same knee as well as pain killing injections for short term relief.

When I arrived at the Oakiands that morning, I was soon put at ease by the kind staff who prepared me for my operation.

I woke after the procedure and I was in bed and my leg was being gently exercised by a machine flexing it slowly to and fro, instantly improving the mobility of my new knee joint. I had no pain, just a little discomfort and I thought that I must have been given Morphine.

The physiotherapist came to see me the morning after my operation to begin my rehabilitation and he came again before I was discharged and explained to me which exercises I needed to do to help my recovery. He gave me a handbook with all the exercises in it. This little booklet was never far from me during the following days and weeks, I was aware that the exercises were very important, and I did my best to adhere to the programme as much as I could. My family made me rest and cared for me during the following couple of weeks and my pain relief was two paracetamol but only when necessary.

I was seen by the physiotherapist on the 26th January and he said I was doing very well and to keep up with my exercises, I was still using my crutches then. One month later I went to the physio again, using a stick this time, and was told that I did not need to go again. I went to see Professor Jari for the first time since the operation also on the 26th January, immediately after my first physiotherapy appointment and he was very satisfied with my progress and said he would see me again in six weeks time and to keep up with my exercises.

After another six weeks I returned and this time Professor Jari was delighted with my continued progress and how well my replacement knee had settled, he said I did not need to go to see him again. He also told me my leg would continue to improve over the next 12 months and to do some resistance exercises to help the improvement.

I would like to thank Professor Jari and his team at The Oaklands Hospital for their dedication to their profession and congratulate them on the success they have in helping fellow human beings, like me, to become pain free.

Thank you so much and long may your success continue.
June 2016

Catherine Callaghan