Jennifer Massey

Professor Sanjiv Jari operated on my knee in Sept.  I had already had one knee replacement some 10 years ago but the left knee was now so bad that walking was virtually impossible.  Since the operation in Sept. I am now walking  totally without pain, am cycling 4.5 kms every day and still doing the exercises twice a day.  It has given me a new lease of life and I couldn’t feel better. As far as I am concerned it is a miracle although Prof. Jari said it was my hard work that did it.  The feeling is mutual.  Many thanks Prof.

Jennifer Massey

Deborah Barrett

I am so very happy with the outcome of the operation that Mr Jari performed. I was in so much pain in my right knee, caused by Arthritis.

I had my knee replacement in July, and I was up the next day, and on my way home by the third day. I was soon up and walking around with crutches, with no pain any more. Within days I was doing longer walks, and soon was without the crutches. I am now starting with Arthritis in the other knee and if it gets worse I will not hesitate to contact Mr Jari, to seek treatment. i will be recommending Mr Jari to anyone I know with knee problems. I am so thankful for the confidence and peace of mind he has given me, and I am pain free.

Deborah Barrett

Ian H McArthur

As a 61 year old who has had a worsening knee condition for 7 years or more, with decreasing mobility, it was decided by myself and Professor Jari that a total knee joint replacement would be in my best interests.

All risks and what benefits I could reasonably expect from the replacement were explained and I was booked in at the Spire Hospital at Whalley Range for the procedure by Professor Jari.
The whole process, from start to finish was as promised, with not one problem encountered.  I was out of hospital and mobile in 3 days, albeit on crutches and now, 12 weeks on I am fully mobile with full flexibility and extension of the operated knee.  I can walk comfortably, with more improvement to come, as my strength builds.

This operation has given me a new lease of life and has far exceeded my expectations, with very little pain, improving my quality of life no end.

As echoed by my Physiotherapist, a very fine piece of work by Professor Jari. 

January 2014

Ian H McArthur


My name is Catherine and I’m 84 years of age.

On 15th December 2015 at The Oaklands Hospital Salford, Professor Jari performed surgery to replace my arthritic knee with a new tungsten joint. I had previously suffered for years with pain and had earlier had an arthroscopy on the same knee as well as pain killing injections for short term relief.

When I arrived at the Oakiands that morning, I was soon put at ease by the kind staff who prepared me for my operation.

I woke after the procedure and I was in bed and my leg was being gently exercised by a machine flexing it slowly to and fro, instantly improving the mobility of my new knee joint. I had no pain, just a little discomfort and I thought that I must have been given Morphine.

The physiotherapist came to see me the morning after my operation to begin my rehabilitation and he came again before I was discharged and explained to me which exercises I needed to do to help my recovery. He gave me a handbook with all the exercises in it. This little booklet was never far from me during the following days and weeks, I was aware that the exercises were very important, and I did my best to adhere to the programme as much as I could. My family made me rest and cared for me during the following couple of weeks and my pain relief was two paracetamol but only when necessary.

I was seen by the physiotherapist on the 26th January and he said I was doing very well and to keep up with my exercises, I was still using my crutches then. One month later I went to the physio again, using a stick this time, and was told that I did not need to go again. I went to see Professor Jari for the first time since the operation also on the 26th January, immediately after my first physiotherapy appointment and he was very satisfied with my progress and said he would see me again in six weeks time and to keep up with my exercises.

After another six weeks I returned and this time Professor Jari was delighted with my continued progress and how well my replacement knee had settled, he said I did not need to go to see him again. He also told me my leg would continue to improve over the next 12 months and to do some resistance exercises to help the improvement.

I would like to thank Professor Jari and his team at The Oaklands Hospital for their dedication to their profession and congratulate them on the success they have in helping fellow human beings, like me, to become pain free.

Thank you so much and long may your success continue.

June 2016


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