Andrew Thomas

I am extremely happy with my recent knee surgery (knee arthroscopy) by Professor Jari at the Alexandra Hospital. After having the same procedure 20 years ago on my left knee and knowing what was coming with the recovery involved and the hard work ahead, I was a little apprehensive over having my right knee done! I was in a lot of discomfort, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had struggled for almost 12 months waiting for my operation. The operation has been such a huge success and I have been amazed at the speed of my recover. I’ve had honest explanations from Professor Jari of what to expect over what my capabilities will be in the future and advice of how to get the best out of knees that have needed operations. I am already back in the gym, under strict guidelines, not pushing too hard too quickly and I am enjoying being active again with no pain, and with no need to stop. I have a good understanding of my limitations.

I can’t thank Professor Jari enough, and the Alexandra Hospital as a whole during these difficult times. My stay was such a positive experience, not a usual response for a hospital stay, and given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’d let to say a big thank you to you both, Professor Jari and the Alexandra Hospital.

Andrew Thomas, Cheshire

Geoff Taylor

1 year following the n-STRIDE APS injection in March 2021

In brief, the treatment has been an outstanding success.

Whilst I recognise the need to be sensible and not put my knee under any undue stress, I can walk normally, climb stairs without pain and kneel whilst gardening and doing household chores.

I exercise with care and do a few Pilates warm-ups most mornings and can then move quite normally throughout the day.

Many thanks to Professor Jari for suggesting this treatment.

Geoff Taylor, Chester

J. Barnes

Total Knee Replacement at The Spire Hospital Manchester April 2021

Pre-op diagnosis and care:
Reassuring and informative regarding management of a severely arthritic knee. Professor Jari and his team gave excellent personal, specific instructions and advice about expectations of surgery and preparations during the pandemic.

Covid secure procedure on admittance made me feel comfortable and confident. Extremely attentive staff in all aspects before, during and after surgery.

Due to a pre-existing medical condition, the anaesthetic used was tailored specifically and administered by a highly professional team, totally considerate and reassuring throughout.

Hospital post-op care:
Thoroughly professional and pre-emptive social, medical and physio care.

After a 2-night stay, I left the ward having seen a physio 3 times and was provided with a list of the exercises to do at home.

Onward care:
Fortnightly physio and home-based exercises helped the knee go from strength to strength. After 12 weeks, a few holes on the golf course were possible. As I’d been using a buggy until surgery, it was a thrill to walk the course and win a competition after a few more weeks.

A big thanks to Professor Jari and his highly professional team at The Spire Manchester. A drink is waiting for you all at the 19th hole!

J. Barnes, Manchester

Geoff Taylor

Dear Professor Jari

RE n-STRIDE APS treatment – 27th March 2021

I thought it would be simpler to email you this update on my progress since having the treatment about a month ago.

In brief:

  • I am pleased to report that my knee is no longer as painful as it was before treatment.
  • I have virtually complete articulation – I can now get out of my car without experiencing pain and stiffness and, without, being too trivial, I can now get my socks on without having to bend too much as I can now bend my knee.
  • I can now go up and down stairs normally.

Unfortunately, some of the benefits of the treatment are eclipsed, on occasions, by sciatic pain that I suffer, and have suffered for some considerable time, down my right leg. My osteopath is providing ongoing treatment for this and, thanks to regular visits to his clinic, the issue is far less irritating.

If I had to provide a “Satisfaction Percentage” for the treatment, I would give the overall improvement as 90%.

Yours sincerely
Geoff Taylor

Kim Rothwell

Just over 9 weeks ago I had a Mako Total Knee replacement performed by Professor Jari and I cannot thank him enough for making a major procedure a positive experience. After suffering problems for over 7 years, I am now walking with a normal gait and am mainly pain free, just the odd niggle as part of the rehab process. I am walking 2 miles without any aids, cycling for 25 minutes on the indoor bike, and returned to Pilates 2 weeks ago (via zoom in the current lockdown), although avoiding kneeling exercises that take the weight on the operated knee. Professor Jari explained thoroughly about the operation, post-op care, rehab and answered all my queries clearly during the consultation process. The operation went smoothly, and I was home after 2 nights, moving around on crutches, with minimal pain. As I continue my rehab, with physio help, I am confident that I will be back cycling outdoors, walking in the Lake District, and playing walking rugby before too long. I would not hesitate to recommend Professor Jari for a Mako Total Knee replacement or any other knee surgery, having had minor procedures performed by him in the past. A thank you to Jen also for her help and cheery phone calls. Thank you also to all staff at the Spire Hospital Manchester.

Once again thank you and if you need a Knee specialist, I would recommend Professor Jari for first class care and expertise.

Kim Rothwell

Mr. S Bracewell

My personal measure of achievement is that – within two or three weeks of the injection – I was again able to walk without a stick.

This testimonial was kindly provided for the n-Stride stem cell treatment received for the treatment of painful knee arthritis.

Mr. S Bracewell, Didsbury

Richard Brimley

Following my first total knee replacement in 2019 by Professor Jari I was so impressed with the result that I had my other knee joint replaced early in 2020. The improvement in my gait is tremendous.
Just three months on from my last operation the positive effect is profound allowing me to walk pain-free and to practice yoga every day.

I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari to anyone who is needing a total knee replacement.

All the best

Richard Brimley

Kathryn Sutherland

I am writing to thank you for the care I received for my knee with regard to my nSTRIDE injection. My final appointment with you was at the end of June 2019. It is now mid-November and I have returned to playing tennis socially, swimming and using the gym. I no longer hobble downstairs and find playing with my grandchildren much more comfortable.

I have the utmost trust in your knowledge and professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone suffering with a similar condition.

Many thanks for your kind service and best regards,

Kathryn Sutherland

Mrs Maggie Conway

On May 28 I had knee arthroscopic surgery at the Alexander hospital in Cheadle, by Professor Jari. When I went for my appointment with him he explained everything to me and what to expect, I found him to be a caring, and understanding person,

And with my physiotherapy following the procedure, I can now do the things I enjoy.

I cannot thank Professor Jari. enough for what he has done. I have no hesitation in recommending Professor Jari. and the healthcare and physiotherapy team at Alexander Hospital.

to anyone who is experiencing problems with their knees and should I ever need knee surgery again he would be the consultant I would want to go to.

Mrs Maggie Conway

Elaine Okoro

Small words, thank you, big difference to my life and wellbeing, thank you

Elaine Okoro

Underwent a total knee replacement in August of 2017

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