Mark Elliott

I first saw Professor Jari in March 2013. He warned me then that my right knee would need to be replaced at some time in the future. On that occasion, he performed an arthroscopy to enable me to return to some form of exercise. I saw him on a number of occasions in the next ten years when he managed my knee with conservative treatment such as physiotherapy and steroid injections. Eventually, I had to see him again in November 2021 due to the pain in both knees. Following scans, it was decided that my right knee would be replaced. Following a Covid scare and a couple of other delays, it was eventually replaced on the 29 April 2022. I was walking fully weight bearing within 24 hours. After the pain from the surgery subsided, which was minimal due to the painkilling drugs, I can honestly say that I have not had a moment of pain in my right knee. I was back driving at around four weeks! I am now able to fully straighten my knee and have about a 140 degree bend in the joint. More than I had before surgery! We then looked at my left knee, which also needed to be replaced. Again, the surgery went well, walking within 24 hours and discharged from hospital after two nights. Again, I have about a 140 degree bend and I am now able to walk long distances without pain whilst I am walking or afterwards. I cannot thank Professor Jari enough for giving me my quality of life back, enabling me to exercise and play with my grandchildren pain free. I could not recommend him any higher if you are having problems with your knees.

Mark Elliott, Oldham

September 2023

James Turner

The care at the Alexandra Hospital was brilliant. I had meetings with Professor Jari before the surgery in which he answered all my questions and reassured me about the surgery. I was nervous in the run up to the operation, but it was a great success in which I had my left knee ACL reconstruction and MCL repair. After my surgery, I followed the exercise programme Professor Jari and my physio told me to do to strengthen my knee, it was hard work but absolutely worth it in the end and now 7 months post-operation, I am walking and running which I wouldn't have believed if you told me 7 months ago. I cannot thank Professor Jari enough for helping me lead a normal life again.

James Turner, Bolton

July 2023

Patrick Lloyd

I had a right knee Arthroscopy in mid-January 2023 to fix a meniscus tear.

The procedure at the Alexandra was done as a day patient and I was home by 3pm. Prof Jari and his anaesthetist both spoke to me pre op and were very reassuring.

The procedure was done first thing and I came to after the anaesthetic feeling unexpectedly good and with no pain at all.

I had no pain post-surgery and did not need any of the pain killers I was given when leaving. Not even paracetamol. The Cryo-cuff around my knee post-surgery worked extremely well. I had little swelling and no discomfort. I was very surprised at how good my knee was feeling.

Prof Jari did a fantastic job and I have been very happily back out running since early June.

I cannot recommend Prof Jari highly enough. Really fantastic job.

Patrick Lloyd, Cheshire

June 2023

Jeanne Jones

I should like to express my gratitude to Professor Sanjiv Jari and the Spire Manchester Hospital for the great care I received in connection with my MAKO robotic-assisted total knee replacement. From my first consultation, through the operation procedure, my stay in this amazing hospital and subsequent physiotherapy and consultant appointments, I received the best treatment from everyone concerned. I can thoroughly recommend Professor Jari, the MAKO procedure and the Spire Manchester Hospital to anyone considering a knee replacement. I have been given my life back.

Jeanne Jones, Manchester

June 2023

Angela O’Gorman

My MAKO robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery was last October (2022), and following successful recovery and rehab, I’m delighted with the outcome. I cannot praise too highly the care and attention received throughout the whole process from Prof Jari and Stephanie at TheKneeDoc, both pre and post-op. Grateful thanks also to all the staff involved at The Alexandra Hospital for their first class care and expertise.

Angela O’Gorman, Cheshire.

May 2023

Pam Walker

I had a right MAKO total knee replacement done in August 2022 at the Spire Hospital by Professor Jari. For more than 18 months prior to the surgery I had constant knee pain whilst at work and at home. This resulted in limiting my daily activities. Following specific pre and post op instructions from Prof and the physios, I am delighted to say that within 4 months I was back cycling, swimming and walking pain free. The care received by the whole team was exemplary.

Pam Walker, Oldham

May 2023

Daniel Lawton

I ruptured the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and damaged cartilage in my right knee playing football. I was referred to Prof. Jari as an NHS patient at the Alexandra Hospital in October 2021.

Prof. Jari discussed my aims and objectives and appetite to return to competitive sports in order to develop the most effective treatment plan. Prof. Jari explained the pros and cons of a variety of different treatments ranging from physiotherapy, keyhole surgery, or a full reconstruction of the ACL ligament using the patella tendon.

I felt reassured and fully informed and decided to opt for the full ACL reconstruction which took place in October 2022. Despite a few cancellations due to Covid-19, both Prof. Jari’s office and the Alexandra Hospital took steps to ensure I was seen as quickly as possible.

I’ve struggled for such a long period of time not being able to carry out the activities I wanted to do. I’m now approximately six months post-op and can already feel the benefits of the ACL reconstruction. I have been referred back to my GP and left in the capable hands of the physiotherapy team at the hospital to continue my rehab. However, Prof. Jari also encouraged me to keep in contact with him and his team should I have any further issues down the line.

On the whole, I’m absolutely delighted with the treatment I have received and would highly recommend Prof. Jari and the Alexandra Hospital for anybody considering a similar procedure.

Daniel Lawton, Cheshire

April 2023

Geoff Taylor

Dear Professor Jari,

Two years have elapsed since I had n-Stride APS treatment on my right knee.
I am pleased to say that I am able to walk and undertake daily tasks without any discomfort.
For me, this treatment has been a “game changer”.
All thanks to Peter Colhoun for recommending that I visited you for a consultation.

Geoff Taylor, Chester

April 2023

Bernadette Bird

I have recently been discharged from The Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle, having had a full knee replacement last May, performed by Professor Sanjiv Jari. I am very appreciative and grateful for the excellent care before, during, and after the whole experience. I would strongly recommend anyone needing such an operation to feel confident that they will receive excellent care throughout. Thank you to all the staff.

Bernadette Bird, Wilmslow

March 2023

Sharron Ford

Firstly, I cannot begin to explain what a difference having both knees replaced has done to me personally and am writing this testimonial to highly recommend Prof Sanjiv Jari whom specialises in Orthopaedics at Spire Manchester Hospital.

I have recently had 2 Mako Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacements with Prof Jari, my left was done on 26th August 2022 (I’m nearly 6 months post-op) and more recently my right was done on 6th January 2023 (6 weeks post-op) and it is time for an amazing update on my progress!

Before having my first knee replacement I felt very apprehensive and worried about the whole procedure, this soon changed once meeting Prof Jari. He gave me his time and listened to how everything was affecting me and having an impact on my day-to-day living. After deciding that this was the correct procedure to have and that it was deemed appropriate, he reassured me massively and explained the whole procedure at great lengths and in great detail, making sure I fully understood everything (do’s, don’ts, benefits etc).

On the day I was admitted for my first knee replacement surgery, I was so nervous, but Prof Jari came to see me before going for surgery and again we spoke about what was going to happen during the procedure and answered any questions that I had, which again, made me feel so much more at ease. During my 2-night stay at the Spire Manchester Hospital, Prof Jari came to see me during both days. Prof Jari also recommends his patients use a CPM Machine (continuous passive motion) after surgery, and I can safely say the advantages I felt using this post-op is that it helped improve my range of motion and helped decrease pain and prevented me from stiffening up.

I was so surprised at the result of my surgery and how it made me feel, I couldn’t believe how quickly I was back on my feet and able to do my daily routines again. I even went back to work 4 weeks after having surgery. During this time and after speaking with Prof Jari previously, I knew that my other knee also needed to be replaced and again, due to my successful progression after my first knee replacement, Prof Jari advised me to get booked in for my 2nd surgery.

I was admitted for this on 6th January 2023 (4 months after 1st knee replacement), Prof Jari never ceased to amaze me. Although I had recently had my first operation, he again dedicated his time in coming to see me before surgery, explaining the procedure and again answering any questions that I had. This was another success, I was up and about even quicker after this surgery, doing my day-to-day tasks/routine and on this occasion, returned back to work after 3 weeks. On both occasions I was able to drive myself after 4 weeks of having each one done (this will of course be different for everyone).

Before having surgery and from the time I got out of bed, I was in constant pain that had to be managed with prescribed medication. My daily tasks and routines became less and less due to the restrictions I was experiencing. My hobbies and interests had become non-existent due to having so much trouble in walking and standing for long periods at a time and this is why I’m so excited and delighted to share my experience with everyone as I can’t believe how far I have come in 6 months.

I want to say a HUGE thanks to Prof Jari and all his team in theatres and also not forgetting his secretary Stephanie Snowball, the relationship I have experienced with both throughout my whole experience has been amazing, warm, friendly and very professional.

Prof Jari’s manner post-op and aftercare is second to none, it is very apparent that he is a very caring person towards his patients and passionate in what he does and the results he achieves are unbelievable and amazing and that is why I am wanting to share my successful story with everyone.

“Prof Jari you have helped me get my quality of life back again, which at one point I couldn’t see beyond the pain, limping, and hobbling around, and this was really getting me down, but now I am where I thought I would never be again. It is a pleasure to get up in the morning, being completely pain free and I’m so very grateful and thankful to you for making this big difference in my life, this really does mean so much to me as I am only 52 and want to also say thank you for all your support that you have given me”.

Sharron Ford, Manchester.

February 2023

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