Professor Sanjiv Jari is a specialist knee surgeon in Manchester. He is a renowned expert in the treatment of knee joint and muscle problems, with a special emphasis on sports injuries and arthritis. He has been involved in the development and advancement of minimal incision and keyhole surgical and enhanced recovery techniques, all of which potentially allow shorter hospital stays and quicker return to function. This is particularly true for the less invasive complete and partial knee joint replacements that he performs routinely.


The Knee Doc online resource provides a comprehensive patient knowledge database and also professional educational material on knee problems – giving current information about knee conditions and up to date information about the range of treatments available.

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Manchester based Knee Surgeon – Professor Sanjiv Jari

BSc(Hons), MBChB, FRCS[Eng], FRCS[Tr & Orth]

Professor Sanjiv Jari is a Consultant Knee, Lower Limb & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgeon at Salford Royal Foundation Trust and at The Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery at the University of Manchester where he is also an examiner for undergraduate medical students. Professor Jari is the Team Surgeon to the British Olympic Wrestling Team and works with many other professional and elite sports teams and players to help prevent and treat injuries.


You may not remember me, but about 6 years ago you performed an ACL reconstruction of my left knee when I was based in Manchester.

Anyway, I am in Guildford now and thought you might like to know that I am training for the London Marathon this year raising money for Christian Aid – in case it is of interest, I am running a blog and have given you a credit this week on account of it being the 6 year anniversary of the surgery.

I trust that all continues to go well for you – thank you again for your part in making this possible

Richard Flenley

I recently had a Knee Arthroscopy performed by Prof. Jari. I have had 2 of these operations before, but this one was by far less painful, even though I left with crutches and painkillers the next day I did not need them. I was able to walk a couple of miles after 4 days, even the Physio commented how advanced I was. I can only complement Prof. Jari on his work.

I was referred to Professor Jari, unable to walk far due to constant pain.  After knee replacement surgery on both knees, I am able to enjoy walking again pain-free.

I’d like to thank you for a successful treatment of my knee injury. I have now completely recovered and right now enjoying skiing again in Portillo, Chile (couldn’t wait till next winter…)

Having returned recently from my holiday I wanted to thank you for your skills and consideration.Thanks to the injection you administered during my appointment on 7 June I was able to enjoy walking again. The relief from the Baker’s cyst seemed miraculous, in fact the only pain I still experience in my knee is arthritic. I can only say you made an immeasurable difference to the enjoyment of my holiday.

I would like to thank Mr Jari for my knee operation before my operation my quality life was severely affected as I could not work very far as the pain was excruciating.  Since the operation was such a success I am now able to move with ease & carry on with my life as normal & I feel I have lost 20 years.

I was first referred to Prof. Jari by my health insurer (Bupa) with osteoarthritis in my big toe. As I am in my early 30’s, he recommended a course of treatment that he thought would benefit me most, allowing me to continue to be active, without going down the route of surgery.

My health insurer became very awkward at that point and said that as there was no plan to go down the route of having surgery, they would not cover me, as they saw it as a short-term fix. This annoyed me massively as I really don’t think they should be encouraging surgery when there are other, safer treatments. Prof. Jari wrote to Bupa on my behalf explain the reasons for his recommended treatment, but yet they refused to cover me. To cut a long story short, I brought Prof. Jari’s recommended treatment to my doctor, who agreed it was the best course of action, and referred me to Prof. Jari on the NHS.

I was seen by Prof. Jari in the weeks after this and had the treatment on my toe and I feel much better and am back to being just as active as I was previous to having the issue with my toe, which was the plan from the start, and all of this without having to have surgery. Throughout the whole process Prof. Jari, Claire and the team were extremely professional, friendly and welcoming. More importantly, they were knowledgeable and represented my impeccably when I was been asked medical questions by either my Doctor or my health insurer. I would most definitely return for further treatment if the need arose, and recommend them to friends or family. RG

I was introduced to Professor Jari via a friend who has had previous knee surgery carried out by Professor Jari. Professor Jari was extremely professional and reassuring during Consultations – detailing options available to me, i.e. injections, procedures, physiotherapy following procedure, together with anticipated recovery periods. Everything explained to me in great detail – that I could understand!

I would recommend Professor Jari to anyone who is experiencing problems with their knees – a caring, calming and understanding Consultant.

Debra Nickson

After having two knee replacements over a period of two years (both knees) I can’t praise Professor Jari enough. After five years of walking with pain, I am now pain-free and enjoying life to the full again. His help and advice before and after the operations made the recovery period much easier. He has a very nice manner which puts you at ease on your first consultation. I now walk everywhere and play four rounds of golf every week. Thank you, Professor Jari, for giving me my life back.

Terence Ryan

1 year ago you replaced my knee. It is wonderful to be able to tell you how good it is. Walking, kneeling with care with no pain. Thank you so much for giving me my freedom of movement back.

Sandra Gill

Dateline Friday 9th December 2016, The Spire Hospital, Manchester, under the care of Professor Jari and his staff. In for 7 am out at 2 pm Sunday 11th December 2016.

During my stay, my right knee was replaced as agreed. After the operation, I came round to the care of the wonderful staff who medicated me as instructed. I had a knee bending machine (probably got a proper name) in the bed, pressure cuffs on my calves and a routine of exercises as provided by attentive physio staff. The same day I was up on my leg on a frame and the following day, tackled the stairs on crutches.

Prof. Jari came to see me to assure that all had gone as intended. Nursing staff were excellent in manner and care and during my stay, I elicited from them that Prof. Jari’s patients usually recovered more quickly and exited hospital more quickly than others. I know that Prof. Jari is an expert, this is the second time for me in his care.

He is straightforward in his manner, explaining things in detail and in my case patiently answering questions, he is realistic and obviously very experienced but moreover, he is a really nice bloke. I will not hesitate to recommend him to others. Only eight weeks on and back at the gym and in the pool getting stronger.

Thanks, I mean it,

Bob Berrington, 61 yrs

I would like to inform you that I have recently had two knee replacements performed by Professor Jari. After many years of living in pain, I am delighted to report that I am now pain-free and totally satisfied with the fantastic treatment I received

Professor Jari was superb in his treatment and I would highly recommend him to anybody suffering from pain in their knee.

Best wishes,

Mr I Modlin


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Investigations and Diagnosis of the Knee

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