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Professor Sanjiv Jari is a specialist knee surgeon in Manchester. He is a renowned expert in the treatment of knee joint and muscle problems, with a special emphasis on sports injuries and arthritis. He has been involved in the development and advancement of minimal incision and keyhole surgical and enhanced recovery techniques, all of which potentially allow shorter hospital stays and quicker return to function. This is particularly true for the less invasive complete and partial knee joint replacements that he performs routinely.

The Knee Doc online resource provides a comprehensive patient knowledge database and also professional educational material on knee problems – giving current information about knee conditions and up to date information about the range of treatments available

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Sports Injuries

Professor Jari was appointed to a prestigious one-year ‘Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship’ at The Methodist Sports Medicine Centre and The University of Indiana in Indianapolis with Dr. K D Shelbourne, where he gained invaluable experience: clinical, operative and research, in all aspects of sports injuries management, especially related to the knee and lower limb. Additionally, he spent time working with the knee arthroplasty surgeons at the clinic, giving him further exposure to both primary and revision knee arthroplasty surgery. During the fellowship he provided medical cover for a number of teams including high school, college (NCAA Division III and I) and professional teams, which included on-field game coverage for a variety of sports providing acute injury assessment and management. The role also included pre-sports physical examinations of all potential athletes.

Are You Suffering From Knee Arthritis?

The knee is the largest synovial joint in the body and is commonly affected by arthritis as is the hip and the ankle, as well as the foot. Arthritis is more common in weight-bearing joints and so is more frequently seen in the lower limb than the upper limb. Arthritis can run in families but is not specifically genetically predisposed. Arthritis of the knee is more common in people who expose their joints to repetitive micro-trauma, of which weight-bearing is a simple example.

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