Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Tears

Sports Injuries

The PCL is also a commonly injured ligament but once again is frequently mis-diagnosed. It is common in sports such as rugby and can occur in football. It tends to occur when you fall on your bent knee. It also occurs in road traffic accidents when your knee hits the dashboard of the car.

In a sporting situation, PCL tears are usually not as dramatic as ACL tears. The knee does not quite feel right following injury and is painful at the back of the knee. It is not uncommon for people with PCL tears following injury to continue playing through the game.

Most people with PCL injuries do not require surgical reconstruction but it is important to make the diagnosis early and treat it appropriately with rehabilitation and/or bracing so as to minimise the time off from your sport. We have the facility to provide rapid diagnosis using clinical, radiological (MRI scans) and knee biomechanical testing methods (KT1000).

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