Hamstring Strains/Tears

Sports Injuries

Hamstring tears do commonly occur in the muscles when they are exposed to explosive contraction. This can occur in sprinting when the muscle is not warmed up, or trying to resist a twisting or falling action.

Most commonly the tears occur within the muscle belly. However, occasionally the tear can be powerful enough to pull of the bone on the pelvis that the hamstring muscles are attached to. In this latter scenario the optimal treatment is for early surgical reattachment but this requires diagnosis with appropriate MRI scanning, to enable early surgery and appropriate rehabilitation.

For the more common tears within the muscle belly, the treatment involves rehabilitation using physiotherapy modalities. We are able to offer, through our mantylinks with physiotherapists, a technique in treatment, which will speed up recovery significantly.

Occasionally, for people who get recurrent hamstring strains there is an underlying biomechanical abnormality predisposing them to this. TheKneeDoc has close links with biomechanical gait laboratories where we can undertake high tech state of the art gait analysis as an aid to diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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