Fixed Price All Inclusive Package for MAKO Knee Replacement Surgery

Fixed Price All-Inclusive Package for MAKO Knee Replacement Surgery

Professor Jari has created a Unique and Exclusive Package of benefits for all of his Private self-pay patients who undergo MAKO Robotic Assisted Total or Partial Knee replacement Surgery which are ALL included in the cost of the special Fixed Price Package. This unique Package includes:


  • All surgery, in-patient care and out-patient follow-up is undertaken in one of the Private Hospitals where Professor Jari operates.
  • Full pre-operative assessment by highly trained nursing staff – including blood tests, ECG (heart tracing), Chest X-Ray (if needed). This is done to ensure you are fit for the proposed surgery. If any medical problems are picked up that need treating before your surgery can be done, this will be arranged in liaison with you and your GP
  • MRSA +/- MSSA swab testing pre-op as required
  • Covid 19 swab testing pre-op
  • Pre-op assessment and education by the Private Hospitals’ highly skilled Physiotherapy staff
  • Pre-operative CT scan of your leg, which is used to generate a 3D virtual model of your unique anatomy. This is loaded onto the MAKO robot’s software. Professor Jari will then use this information to plan your operation precisely pre-operatively with the assistance of the highly skilled and experienced MAKO Product Specialist Technicians who also attend every operation.
  • All in-patient hospital costs including drugs, dressings, full nursing care, full in-patient physiotherapy care, care from 24 hour on-site medical staff, all meals and soft drinks
  • Full cost for using the MAKO Robot
  • Professor Jar’s Surgical fee
  • Anaesthetic fee
  • Out patient Physiotherapy. The number of included sessions varies by Private Hospital and ranges from 3-6 sessions.
  • ALL OUT PATIENT FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS WITH PROFESSOR JARI FOR ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF YOUR OPERATION. This is regardless of the number of follow-up appointments you have with Professor Jari within that year. You therefore don’t have to worry about finding more money to cover your out patient appointments with Professor Jari, having paid for your surgery previously.
  • There are finance packages available that can allow you to spread the cost of your Fixed Price Package. Professor Jari or his office staff can give you some information about this if available, but please not, the finance is not something that is run, administered or organised by Professor Jari. We can direct you to finance that may be available from bodies such as the Private Hospitals periodically.