About Professor Sanjiv Jari

About Professor Sanjiv Jari


Professor Sanjiv Jari is a Consultant Lower Limb & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgeon at Hope Hospital (University of Manchester Teaching Hospital) and at The Manchester Sports Medicine Clinic. He is also passionately involved in both teaching and research.

Professor Jari works with many professional and elite sports teams, and players to treating various injuries, especially around the knee.  Professor Jari is a national and international speaker on knee surgery and sports injuries. He has a number of ongoing research studies in aspects of lower limb surgery and is involved in a number of novel gait studies. His research responsibilities include supervision of postgraduate doctors undertaking higher degrees.

Professor Jari consults in and around the city of Manchester in the North-West of England. Manchester is the UK’s second largest city with major road, rail and air links to the rest of the UK and Europe. It has many hotels (everything from simple bed & breakfast accommodation to luxury hotels) and fine dining establishments. As we have patients travel to us for consultations and surgery from all over the world we can recommend various places to stay during your time in Manchester.

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Jari completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Manchester Medical School, receiving honors in Biochemistry, Physiology, Anatomy and Surgery. During this time he chose to undertake his medical student elective at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, USA. where he worked in a very busy Trauma Unit and in the Orthopaedic Service.

Following his house positions he was appointed as a temporary lecturer in the Departments of Anatomy and Physiology at the University of Sheffield, where he was actively involved in teaching undergraduate medical students and students in other para-medical specialties. This included lecturing, small group tutorials, laboratory supervision and demonstration, student mentoring and assessments / examinations.

While in Sheffield Professor Jari obtained part I of the old style FRCS at his first attempt, then, during his general surgical SHO rotation in South Manchester, he successfully passed the part II, again at the first attempt, and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. During his rotation he gained experience in Urology, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery and Orthopaedics.

Professor Jari was appointed to a prestigious one-year ‘Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship’ at The Methodist Sports Medicine Centre and The University of Indiana in Indianapolis with Dr. K D Shelbourne, where he gained invaluable experience: clinical, operative and research, in all aspects of sports injuries management, especially related to the knee and lower limb. Additionally, he spent time working with the knee arthroplasty surgeons at the clinic, giving him further exposure to both primary and revision knee arthroplasty surgery. During the fellowship he provided medical cover for a number of teams including high school, college (NCAA Division III and I) and professional teams, which included on-field game coverage for a variety of sports providing acute injury assessment and management. The role also included pre-sports physical examinations of all potential athletes.


Professor Jari is currently a Consultant Knee, Lower Limb and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Surgeon. He works in a large University Teaching Hospital in Manchester. His elective practice is purely lower limb surgery: the majority (80%) of this is knee surgery. Around half of this is sports medicine (arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, patellar realignment, cartilage transplantation and so forth) and the other half is knee replacement surgery (minimally invasive, total and unicompartmental replacement and revision surgery).

The rest of his practice is Foot & Ankle surgery, including arthroscopic ankle surgery, forefoot surgery and bunion surgery.

He also undertakes general Orthopaedic Trauma surgery in a busy Trauma unit and a tertiary referral centre for Spinal, Neurosurgical and Limb reconstruction surgery.

While working at this hospital Professor Jari has developed the knee rehabilitation therapy service for knee pre-habilitation and post operative rehabilitation for sports surgery and joint replacement. He has developed accelerated rehabilitation pathways for all aspects of knee surgery including arthroplasty surgery. He purchased a KT-1000 for the hospital and was instrumental in the hospital’s purchase of an Isokinetic testing machine. He has also developed a knee research database, which has various data including KT-1000 and Isokinetic data.

He is involved in teaching and training nurses, physiotherapists, sports rehabilitation students, medical students and Orthopaedic Registrars and Fellows. He has students from the Universities of Manchester, Bolton & Salford who undertake various clinical attachments with him. He is an Honorary Clinical Lecturer and examiner for the University of Manchester Medical School.

Following the Pakistan earthquake, professor Jari co-founded a surgical disaster response charitable agency named MiST (Mobile International Surgical Team). MiST consists of trauma and plastic surgeons, anaethetists and various other staff to provide a completely self sufficient unit to assess, resuscitate, operate and rehabilitate disaster victims. He has been to Pakistan three times following the earthquake to set up the medical unit and operate on victims.

Current Research:

– A randomised blind study of All Poly versus Metal backed tibial component in Total Knee Replacements using the MRK knee.

This is a clinical based study being done in 3 centres in the UK. He is the local lead and principal investigator at Salford Royal Foundation Trust, where he has taken it through the R&D, procurement and Ops Board to get all relevant approvals to commence the study at this site.

– A novel articular cartilage regeneration patch – clinical and MRI study.

Professor Jari is the principal investigator and has been involved in the set up and ethics approval for this study. It will be a multi-centre study with his hospital taking the lead. It is an international study, already running in Germany.

Proposed Studies:

Randomised prospective study of graft choice in ACL reconstruction surgery – ipsilateral versus contralateral patella tendon graft.

Effect of intra-articular viscosupplementation six weeks post arthroscopy in improving post arthroscopy recovery – a randomised controlled double-blind study.


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Audits have been an important part of Professor Jari’s training. He maintains a personal audit by recording all my operative cases and assessing any complications that may have occurred. He also stays up to date with current literature so as to critically assess any developments that may affect his practice.

He has been involved in audit data collection and presentation throughout his career and would hope that some of the audits have been repeated once the recommendations of the initial audit had been implemented so as to complete the “audit loop”. Below are the audits he has been involved with:

Audit of Outcome of Conservative Management of Closed and Type 1 Compound Tibial Shaft Fractures. Presented to the University of Manchester Department of Orthopaedics and associated staff, Hope Hospital, Salford, April 1991.

Audit of Delays in Management of Emergencies Orthopaedic Admissions at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. Presented to the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery A&E Medicine and Administration, Blackpool Victoria Hospital, January 1996.

Audit of Orthopaedic Elective and Emergency Operating Theatre Delays. Presented to the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Administration, Blackburn Royal Infirmary, 1996/1997.

On-going Audit of Adverse Events in Orthopaedic In-patients. Updated and presented on several occasions to the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery of Preston Royal Infirmary and Chorley District Hospitals, 1998/1999. He was also involved in the Fractured Neck of Femur audit at Preston during the same time period.

Audit of Forearm Compartment syndromes in Children at Pendlebury and Booth Hall Hospitals. Presented to the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery Hope and Pendlebury Children’s Hospitals, May 1999.

Consent audit of TKR and THR. Presented at Orthopeadec clinical governance meeting, 2010.

Length of stay audit on TKR and THR. Continuous on-going audit since 2010.

Infection control Audit on TKR and THR. Continuous on going audit since 2009.

Patient satisfaction audit for Orthopaedic patients. On going.

He has also developed a multi-disciplinary audit with other specialties and other staff groups to encourage the “team” concept to assess and improve overall patient care.


Professor Jari’s honours include:

* Appointment as External Examiner for the University of Central Lancashire BSc Sports Rehabilitation Degree Course.

* Medical Consultant to the USA amateur boxing association when he worked in the USA.

* Visiting Orthopaedic Professor in Egypt, March 2002. He was involved in performing and teaching hip & knee replacements in arthritic patients in Egypt.

* Invited to serve as a Sports Medicine Specialist Consultant to the 2002 Commonwealth Games, by the Commonwealth Games Medical Committee. In addition to this, he was involved in providing on site medical cover for some of the sporting events at the Games.

* Invited reviewer for The British Journal of Sports Medicine.

* The Orthopaedic Surgeon to The Great Britain Olympic Wrestling Team, and has been doing this for over 3 years now.

* Invited on to the Facility of The 1st International Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery Meeting, 7-9 May 2003.

* Works with many professional sports teams and elite athletes.

* Awarded International Learning Centre status by Depuy Orthopaedics for the teaching of LCS minimally invasive Total Knee Replacements with Computerised Navigation.

* Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery for the University of Manchester.