One-Stop Knee Clinic

One-Stop Knee Clinic

We are excited to announce

that Professor Jari will be holding one-stop knee clinics from January 2019


We all have busy lives, that are getting busier and so if you have a knee problem, wouldn’t it be nice to see an expert in that field, get your imaging done and have a follow-up appointment to discuss the diagnosis and create a treatment plan all on the same day? Professor Jari and the team at The KneeDoc appreciate this and so this is exactly what Professor Jari has set up!

Firstly, you will have an initial consultation with Professor Jari, who will take a detailed history and examine you. He may then refer you for imaging, such as x-rays or an MRI scan. This will be undertaken and reported on by one of our Consultant Radiologists. You will then return to the consulting suite where Professor Jari will review the results and in a follow-up consultation, will discuss the results with you and will formulate a treatment plan. This is usually done with one visit to the hospital and will take on average three to four hours, maybe less.

Treatments can then be quickly arranged after discussing the options with you.

We work together with expert Consultant Radiologists to offer same-day reported MRI and x-rays, ensuring prompt diagnosis and reducing delays in commencing treatment.

If you require further information on the one-stop service, costs and information for your insurers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Claire on 0161 445 4988, or alternatively, you can email [email protected]