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The Knee Doc online resource provides a comprehensive patient knowledge database and professional education material on Knee problems – giving up to the minute information about their conditions and the range of state of the art treatments which are available.

Our surgeon specializes in the treatment of knee joint and muscle problems, with a special emphasis on sports injuries and arthritis.

He is involved in the development and training of others in minimal incision and keyhole surgical techniques, which allow significantly shorter hospital stays and much quicker return to function. This is also very true for the minimal-incision complete and partial joint replacements that he performs routinely on various lower limb joints.

He has also developed accelerated rehabilitation protocols to get you back to sport and activity as quickly and safely as possible. He has a special interest in arthroscopic surgery of the knee and Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction.

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You can listen to an interview with Prof Jari on preparing for the Manchester Run recorded at Key 103 Radio here.


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Professor Jari is now able to accept credit/debit card payments for Consultations, please telephone his office on 0161 445 4988 if you could like to pay by this method


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Quick Tips:

I get pain in both knees first thing in the morning, which usually eases off as the day goes on. What could this be?

This could be due to an inflammatory joint condition, such as some type of arthritis, which can cause discomfort after periods of rest, such as getting up to walk after sleeping or resting in a chair. There are other, possible causes, but it would require a more complete assessment of your symptoms and examination findings by your GP or an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Is it wise to go skiing if you have a history of knee problems?

It depends on what the knee problems are. Common problems with skiing include ligament injuries.  These can be occasionally managed with braces, but usually would require the assessment of an Orthopedic Surgeon, prior to the decision made to go skiing. If the problems are due to wear and tear/ arthritis, then these could be addressed with a general strengthening programme. It is usually sensible, prior to skiing, whether you have knee problems or not, to undertake a general strength and conditioning programme for your leg muscles in the 4 to 6 weeks prior to going skiing.

Does using a running machine cause less impact on your knees, than running on the road?

There is not a significant difference in impact between a running machine and the road. The only place where the impact can be reduced is either running in an Alter G machine, which reduces the load that goes through your leg, or alternatively, by running through water in a swimming pool which likewise, will reduce the load on the knees.

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